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more of funbiguy’s rear view. Damn that’s nice looking

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Beautiful rear view submitted by funbiguy of funbiguy’s male tail


One of my few all time favourites

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I’m in love with his hairy body.

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My favorite view point! From behind, while they’re bent over with legs spread. It happens to me all the time and I luv it! (sometimes they have clothes on)

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I want this guy to be naked at my gym! ! !  ;)

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Ooooohh yum yum ballsack in this one, love the view! (and the pulled pucker in clear view.) Thanks OralExplorer for another great submission! 

Another great submission by:

Hot damn, I love it when a guys nips are directly, involuntarily, linked with his tool! 

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You’re a yogi aren’t you? I ♥ naked fuzzy yogis!

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Unnmmphff   -  this pic is so hawt to me!
Though, I want to take over, enough solo fun. ;P

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