It’s time.



something is in the air lately because this boner is relentless

Gorgeous and fuzzy Aaron

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:) awwwwe he seems so sweet and his sweet fuzzy butt too! :P

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♥ Beautiful hairy taint and manhole!  *Sniff sniff* *Lick lick* *Mmmunch munch*

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He totally wants his hairy manhole to be used well over.

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wOOf! my face ~ his ass … and so on. ;)

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These two cowboys may not be fuzzy now, but they will be by the time I’m done with them. They’ll learn not to shave their pubes off. ;)

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Follower on Twitter sent this in a priv msg and asked me to post. :) Thank you! ♥ your partner’s fuzzy taint!! or

I enjoy tweaking his nips while I lick his tool and make him ooze some precum. I nose my way down under his balls and with my erect tongue, I probe and fondle his ass. By then I’m already dripping enough juices to make way into his hairy manhole, nice and smoothly.

Fuzzy (hairy) appreciation: Thank you guys who enjoy your body hair the way it grows. I adore you fuzzy men all over. Cum to Seattle and we’ll show you a real good time. :P

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Yummy fuzzy perfection! That hairy taint makes my tool drool. send me sum moar!

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